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Credit card fraud of domain fraudster raw/cbi employees exposes social injustice, financial fraud in india

dishonest indian government agencies fail to answer why BANKING,DOMAIN FRAUDSTER raw/cbi employees have not paid domain,other expenses since 2014
The dishonest CORRUPT indian government agencies have been paying a monthly government salary to BANKING,DOMAIN FRAUDSTER raw/cbi employees like panaji GREEDY LIAR Goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro,wife of shameless fraud security agency employee CHEATER caro,fd panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL raw employee sunaina chodan (who recently purchased a new maruti suzuki car using the profit from her ONLINE SEX RACKET since 2010), greedy gujju stock trader amita patel who recently opened a million dollar office, who do not pay expenses like their powerful fraud boyfriends, allegedly from the btech 1993 class of iit bombay, falsely claiming these fraud liar government employees who refuse to pay expenses, are domain investors, online workers, using robbed data of a single woman engineer, domain investor, migrant from north karnataka.
The indian government agencies, tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, are aware that domains are not free, the government employees have never paid the credit card bills, yet in a major financial fraud, they shamelessly and falsely claim to own the domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer who they HATE, CRIMINALLY DEFAME, causing great financial losses and denying her a life of dignity.
Though the credit card, financial fraud of the raw/cbi employees and their boyfriends can be legally proved checking the PAN , banking, financial records of these well paid greedy liar government employees, showing the widespread social injustice in india the government agencies, tech and internet companies refuse to end the credit card fraud, criminally defame the real domain investor, exposing their dishonesty.